varioMAT F

The ultimate heavy-duty mat, with its dimensions of 3 metres wide, is the ideal solution for the heavy-duty industry when it comes to pipeline construction, wind farms and heavy-duty transport. The varioMAT F can also be used with specialist vehicles, e.g. with extra width in open terrain. The innovative overlapping connection system results in maximum stability and load-bearing capacity.


The floor protection plates are bolted together, creating a permanently connected roadway, mobile site road or working platform for heavy loads and vehicles both in length and width. The bearing capacity of the subsoil is considerably optimised, soil compaction is minimised and damage to the ground is avoided. Due to different profiling on the panels, the floor protection panels can be used in many ways. The panel is particularly suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, cars as well as cars and construction vehicles. The panels ensure optimum traction of heavy vehicles even in difficult terrain. The panels are laid from a crane truck or with a forklift truck and ensure safe access from the start of assembly.


Material:polyethylene, high molecular
Measurements:2400 mm x 3000 mm x 32,5 mm (incl. profile)
Usable area:7,2m²
Weight:approx. 210 kg
Surface:5 mm / bottom riffle (AS)
Load capacity:approx. 130 to. (depending on substrate)
Transport:100 panels (720m²)


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