varioMAT 3

Underlaid with special mats, varioMAT 3 floor protection panels are also used to protect sensitive surfaces such as natural or concrete paving stones or on tartan tracks in stadiums.


The varioMAT 3 floor protection panels are bolted together to create a firmly connected roadway, mobile construction road or working platform for heavy loads and vehicles. The load capacity of the subsoil is considerably optimised, soil compaction is minimised and damage to the ground is avoided. The varioMAT3 floor protection panels can be used in a variety of ways due to the different profiles on both sides. The flat profile on one side is particularly suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users as well as for cars. The strong profiling on the other hand ensures optimum traction of heavy vehicles even in difficult terrain. varioMAT 3 floor protection panels are laid from the crane truck and guarantee a safe access from the start of the assembly.


varioMAT 3 panels are easier to transport than most alternative road panels for temporary use. More panels can therefore be loaded on trucks or in containers, reducing transport costs.


Material:polyethylene, high molecular
Measurements:2000 mm x 3000 mm x 45,5 mm (incl. profile)
Usable area:6,00m²
Weight:approx. 221 kg
Surface:5mm & 2,5mm profile
Load capacity:approx. 150 to. (depending on substrate)
Transport:100 panels (600m²)


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